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Allie is an accomplished violinist, fiddle player, and singer. She brings over two decades of experience to her work, whether it's collaborating with singer-songwriters in the recording studio or performing onstage to audiences across the world. She also offers a suite of creative consulting services for nonprofit arts and culture organizations from her home in The Netherlands.


I first saw Allie perform in an installation theater piece and she was absolutely hypnotic. She brings an ease and lightness to her music that really lets her heart shine through - she's such a delight to listen to.

Raphael S.
Director, Producer & Creative Coach

From owning "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" to sophisticated classical elegance, Allie can bring it all. An amazing performer that leaves you wanting more every time.

"What just leaps out is the fabulous contribution her strings bring to [Carrie Newcomer's] work... Poignant and tender, yet powerful and intricate. One can scarcely draw their focus away from her playing."

Matthew T.
Longtime Listener & Fan

Susan S.
Audience Member

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