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REVIEW: 'Until Now'

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Carrie Newcomer - Until Now - topical folksongs wrapped in kindness

by John Bradbury, The 13th Floor

You can read the full review here.

Highlights from the review:

"... A Long Way Up is a gentle start to the album and introduces the recurring them of “the great unravelling.” The music is subtle, with ... the violin used for emphasis. This is is also the first song where we hear Summers’ wonderful harmonising with Newcomer."

"This feeling is heightened [in The Handing Over Time] by the bass notes and the melancholy violin that complement Newcomer’s vocal descriptions of how the 'light goes golden' and the 'shadows lengthen.'”

"The lyrics [of Who Done It] remind us that '… it’s all right It’s not too late It’s just going to take time' ... The violin over the top of the bowed bass enhances the calming affirmations of the lyrics."

"The band’s performance sits somewhere between a chamber orchestra and a bluegrass folk band. Across the album their considerable individual and collective skills provide unfussy playing and great interplay that elevate the songs."

Don't forget, you can stream 'Until Now' on Spotify or (better yet) buy online on Carrie's website!

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